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4127 East 131th Street, Suite 200, Cleveland Ohio 44105

Tel: 216-727-7638


1000lbs lighter is just that, its about making people lives much easier as it relates to becoming healthier and fit. What we do here, is offer several different packages based on your level of commitment to yourself and what you seek to achieve in becoming healthier. We have Monthly Memberships @ $90 per month (unlimited classes) and drop-in's workouts starting as low as $5 per class. 

1000lbs lighter speaks well  for a number of things: Are you someone looking for a challenge, have fun working out and maintain having a positive supportive system? If so, than 1000lbs Lighter is the place where you need to be. Our trainers take note of individuality, customized our workouts every single day, offer modifications and follow-up on fitness goals. We emphasize becoming fit and healthy through via nutrition and exercise.